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Fair Deal Music

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Client: Musical Instruments

Based: UK

Industry: E-Commerce

Development Model: Design and Development


Fair Deal Music – Introduction

Since 1987, Fair Deal Music has proudly served the West Midlands music community as Birmingham’s largest independent music Brand. As the name says, the store in Birmingham’s city center houses the Midlands’ largest piano and keyboard department, as well as comprehensive guitar, pro audio, DJ, drums, and symphonic sections.

Fair Deal Music was initially a Magento Based eCommerce platform and wanted help with re-platforming the business onto a more cost-effective, easier-to-manage corporate sales system. We moved their store to Shopify.

Magento 2 to Shopify: How Was The Journey For Fair Deal Music

The project’s success hinged on maintaining the company’s global reputation, preserving and amplifying its sophisticated brand popularity, and migrating the site to a brand new Shopify system with minimal downtime while keeping all the data and existing functionalities the same. Fair deal music agreed to jump into a full redesign, restructure, and rebuild of the site with Dotsquares’ help.

How We Moved Business from Magento to Shopify:

  • End-user features and functionality were recreated for the new e-Commerce system using Shopify integration and other well-supported 3rd-party APIs.
  • The website was redesigned with custom theme options while delivering a high-quality responsive experience to its audience.
  • All data was migrated from the current Magneto 2 store to Shopify including orders, invoices, customer details, and product inventory.
  • To Convert more sales with flexible payment options and Allowing shoppers to pay later in interest-free installments as an easy, flexible alternative to credit, the Klarna app became the most sophisticated and conversion-focused solution for Fair Deal Music.
  • We assisted our client in modernizing their website and achieving improved business results.


Why did the client come to Dotsquares?

The client was looking for a Shopify website development company to revamp and optimize their online store to drive more conversions and enhance the overall customer experience.

They found us on Google via a simple query and by clicking on a “Request call back” option they instantly got connected with our sales team and got the answer to all the questions with easy to follow and direct instructions.

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